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Fourth Annual Critical Media Literacy Conference Of The Americas

Advances in Artificial Intelligence: Impacts on Education and Media

IV CLCMA 2023 - Apertura inaugural del IV Congreso. Río Grande
Gabriel Kaplún - Comunicación y Educación: Geografía de des/encuentros, historias postdigitales
Inteligência artificial e alfabetização crítica no ensino de espanhol

The Conference

The Critical Media Literacy Conference of the Americas is committed to democratic ideals and social justice values. We relate to the media as a dialectical space for criticism and celebration. The media are complex tools whose effects do not always coincide with the intentions. The media can promote democratic participation, support social justice, and offer considerable joy, but they can hinder democracy, ignite violence, and manipulate individuals and society. Our goal for this conference is to facilitate critical discourse about our mediated society with the intention to deepen our understanding and support each other’s work in the transformation of society, to make it socially fairer and environmentally sustainable.



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